South Bank

London Design Festival: Take the Plunge & The Void

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This month saw the ever popular London Design Festival return to the city with a jam-packed programme, offering plenty for design fanatics to visit.

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Street art at the Undercroft South Bank 2017

Bankside: The street artist’s playground

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Over the past decade, street art has taken the world by storm! It has certainly evolved beyond its urban predecessor graffiti, which was originally considered an act of vandalism mostly found on open-air railway tunnels and metal shutters of less privileged postcodes. Today, it has become a much more widely appreciated art form, encompassing everything from the picturesque to the witty, often while making bold and unfiltered statements about modern society. On top of being sought-after by some of the art world’s biggest establishments, it has captivated corporations looking to deploy a more creative marketing solution into the urban landscape.

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The Globe: Because Everyone Needs Some Shakespeare in Their Life

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Globe Theatre and its history

One of London’s most distinguished cultural landmarks, the Globe Theatre in the heart of London’s South Bank is not only an internationally recognised tourist attraction and hub for theatre-lovers, but its presence also takes passers-by back to what was London during the time of the Bard himself, and is a reminder of the capital’s rich theatrical history.

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Millennium Bridge wide photograph

The Millennium Bridge’s Little Secrets

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London’s Millennium Bridge is just under 20 years old, yet despite its youth, the structure has firmly cemented itself as one of the most identifiable landmarks in the city. The groundbreaking structure was designed by world-renowned architects Foster and Partners, in collaboration with sculptor, Sir Anthony Caro and engineering company, Arup. The project resulted from a competition held by Southwark Council and the Royal Institute of British Architects in 1996.

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"Borough Bakery" by David-White is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The Culinary Vibrancy of Borough Market

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For decades, visitors from far and wide would flock south of the river to enjoy what is Borough Market. This food hall is so iconic that it also happens to be an eternal hotspot for the local residents, office workers and London’s Sunday brunch enthusiasts.

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Triptych Bankside, exterior view of the development

Triptych: Where Creativity Inspires Life

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London’s Southbank is in increasing demand for business and residential space. This trend is neither new, nor due for a slowdown anytime soon! We are delighted to have this exclusive opportunity to talk to you about one of the area’s most highly anticipated new builds – Triptych Bankside, located right in the heart of this vibrant region.

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Tate Modern exterior close up

Tate Modern: The Place That Changed Art Forever

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Tate Modern: a haven for every art enthusiast

Although it is the latest addition to the Tate Group of art galleries, during the first year of its opening, the Tate Modern was the most popular museum in the world, attracting 5.2 million visitors. Its legacy has lived on today, with an estimated 5.9 million visitors in 2018, overtaking the iconic British Museum. Situated on South Bank, it holds an impressive collection of modern art from 1900 to the present day.

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Is South Bank London’s New Silicon Valley?

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London may be thousands of miles from the iconic Silicon Valley in Northern California, but our capital city continues to be one of the prime start-up centres of the world. Not only are waves of incredibly talented individuals pouring in from all over, but an estimated 2.5 billion was raised by London start-ups back in 2017, establishing the UK as the tech capital of Europe.

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View from South Bank towards River Thames and Big Ben

Why It’s All About Bankside

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Bookended by the foodie haven of Borough Market on one side and the Southbank’s lively cultural quarter on the other, Bankside enjoys an understandably popular spot south of the River Thames.

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