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Residential houses in London

Why everyone ought to know St. John’s Wood

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Funny to think that what was once a place where well-to-do Victorian gentleman stashed their mistresses away from their families is now Britain’s mega-mansion street, with homes getting snapped up left, right and center by affluent investors from China and India.

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hampstead heath pergola

10 Places in Primrose Hill to Visit This Spring

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Here’s something to look forward to!

Spring is finally upon us, which means Londoners will gradually start to prefer spending their lunch breaks in hip outdoor spaces and their weekends absorbing rays of city sunshine. While the bitter cold still lingers, the Boutique London team would like to give you an early bird special and help prepare your to-do lists for the much-anticipated months ahead. This year we are all about Primrose Hill. Why? Because if you’re looking for abundant waterside greenery and village-like pubs and cafes then there’s nowhere quite like the fancy postcodes of North London!

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Bermondset feature image

The best places to visit in Bermondsey

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Bermondsey is booming with amazing food, great coffee and cute independent stores, making this one of the most fun and trendy places to visit in London. Here’s our guide to the best spots around the area!

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Once upon a time in Primrose Hill

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London certainly has its fair share of fancy postcodes! Just take a moment to picture Belgravia’s Eaton Square or the extravagant high streets of Kensington and Chelsea – taking a casual around there would be enough to convince anyone that the residents are not far off, if not already, solid members of the Fortune 500 list!

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The Elsworthy Collection interior

Finkernagel Ross: Following in the footsteps of others

1920 1281 Boutique London

Opinion piece provided by Finkernagel Rossa RIBA chartered, London-based team of architects and interior designers with a distinct quality for design interpretation and architectural excellence.

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Chancery Lane on a rainy day

Top 5 things to do in Holborn on a rainy day

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Don’t let London’s downpour dampen your autumn; the city still has plenty to offer! So, we’ve curated a list of indoor activities in Holborn to show you that no matter the weather, there’s always somewhere to explore in London.

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The complete visitors guide to Farringdon

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Fun, fashionable and bustling with activity, Farringdon is one of few places where the lawyers and barristers of Holborn can be found rubbing shoulders with the creatives of Clerkenwell. Sadly, as vibrant as this district is, in the run-up to the holiday season it is often left overlooked by foreign and domestic tourists in favour of its well-trodden neighbours like Covent Garden and Soho.

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The rich & famous residents of Chelsea

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With 55 different billionaires and a total net worth of $226 billion, London is one of the world’s most popular choices for ultra-wealthy city-dwellers. And of course, nowhere else in the capital is a more fitting playground for them than Chelsea. As London’s wealthiest borough, its residents are next door to the likes of Chelsea manager Roman Abramovich, Formula One owner Tamara Ecclestone, and Britain’s second richest man Len Blavatnik.

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Street art at the Undercroft South Bank 2017

Bankside: The street artist’s playground

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Over the past decade, street art has taken the world by storm! It has certainly evolved beyond its urban predecessor graffiti, which was originally considered an act of vandalism mostly found on open-air railway tunnels and metal shutters of less privileged postcodes. Today, it has become a much more widely appreciated art form, encompassing everything from the picturesque to the witty, often while making bold and unfiltered statements about modern society. On top of being sought-after by some of the art world’s biggest establishments, it has captivated corporations looking to deploy a more creative marketing solution into the urban landscape.

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Is South Bank London’s New Silicon Valley?

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London may be thousands of miles from the iconic Silicon Valley in Northern California, but our capital city continues to be one of the prime start-up centres of the world. Not only are waves of incredibly talented individuals pouring in from all over, but an estimated 2.5 billion was raised by London start-ups back in 2017, establishing the UK as the tech capital of Europe.

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View from South Bank towards River Thames and Big Ben

Why It’s All About Bankside

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Bookended by the foodie haven of Borough Market on one side and the Southbank’s lively cultural quarter on the other, Bankside enjoys an understandably popular spot south of the River Thames.

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Sunrise at Tower West, Chelsea Waterfront

Chelsea’s Cultural Landmarks – Past, Present & Future

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Over the years, Chelsea has perfectly mastered the balancing act of being modern and chic while keeping a tight grip on its old school vintage charm. Lots Road exemplifies this like no other London thoroughfare could, winding through relics of the capital’s past, the cutting edge of its contemporary culture and the future of its soaring skyline.

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Chelsea Green

Get to know Chelsea

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A bourgeois playground for our city’s reality TV stardom, a second home for London’s best football team (at the time of writing this feature!) and for the next few weeks, the topic of conversation here on Boutique London. Chelsea is the upmarket prime London neighbourhood that glistens on its own leafy, designer stage. But how did the area come to be the epitome of upper-class London and what is there to do, see and devour along its streets?

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