Launch Party Alert!! 4th October Pinks Mews

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On Thursday 4th October, brand new boutique apartments in Holborn launched with an exclusive event

Pinks Mewspinks-mews-launch is a development lovingly restored from the 15th Century Dyers Buildings in Holborn, now comprising 16 gorgeous apartments, 8 penthouses and 11 loft-style properties.

Located in the heart of Holborn, Pinks is on the doorstep of London’s top universities like LSE and University of the Arts London, as well as global firms such as Slaughter & May and Goldman Sachs, it makes it the perfect pieds-à-terre for busy professionals or a home-away-from-home for those studying abroad. This 19th century neo-gothic mews has an exquisite design standard and all the expected perks that come with luxury homes, like a 24hr concierge service.

On the 4th of October, Pinks Mews’ developers Sons & Co hosted a launch party to celebrate Pinks’ debut to the open market… and everything was PINK! 


Why? you ask

Well, once upon a time, esteemed members of England’s rural population would don their scarlet coats, saddle their horses, and gather together to chase foxes with an excited pack of scent-trained dogs scampering along next to them. Although in some areas it was the preserve of the elite, large parts of the rural community would be involved at all levels. From the field members and the whippers-in to the members of the local community who would run or cycle alongside the hunt, it was a source of great excitement across the entire countryside.

While hunting as a sport is no longer legal, the social culture around it remains alive and well. As is traditional, Cambridge will open the season with its Hunt Ball next month and the Oxford ball shall close it in March. There are also shows across the country for traditional hunting dogs, as well as various parades of red-coated hunts-masters and their crews.

Although the hunt was a pursuit that dominated rural areas, the sport has a wide history that extends well outside the countryside and even into London. From the leather used to make the saddles, to the manufacturing of the weapons and the tailors who made the hunting attire, the sport permeated a notable share of the London economy in areas across the city.

One such area was Holborn, which was home to a collection of dyers’ buildings. One of their principal activities was to dye fabric the rich scarlet colour that was used in the hunting uniform. To achieve this colouring, the dyers used the madder plant, which was popular due to its light-fast qualities. The plant has been used to dye textiles for thousands of years, with traces having been found in the tomb of Tutankhamun dating back to 1350 BC.

After being treated by the dyers, the fabric would have been delivered to the tailors who would use it to make the distinctive uniform know as ‘hunting pinks’. It is from this that the Dyers Buildings get its current name, Pinks Mews.

To echo its history, the mews was beautifully decorated with an abundance of pink flowers and features – ensuring aesthetic pleasure as well as echoing the site’s colourful heritage. During the event, drinks and canapes were served and guests were given private tours of the beautiful show apartments.

If you’re house hunting for a luxury apartment in the heart of London and like the sound of Pinks Mews, then please get in touch with the developer via their agents.


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