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We spoke to Rylie Fitzgerald, Head of Design, and Lucy Powell, Director at Cocovara about what makes a show apartment. The brains behind the beautifully dressed interiors at a selection of boutique homes across London, Rylie & Lucy explain their team’s process and the inspiration behind the unique aesthetic at Pinks Mews, Holborn.

Why create a show apartment?

A well-thought-out show home is very important for a new build development, especially when purchasing off-plan, because it allows buyers to visualise how you can live in the space – how you can most functionally use the space, and when styled beautifully, how comfortable and pleasant it would be to spend your time there. The way you dress the properties attracts specific demographics too, which is important for marketing. 

Pinks Mews show apartment - kitchen

Tell us about the development and this brief

We have worked with Sons & Co on their Pinks Mews development previously, having designed three show homes there in total now. This brief has a very different style to the first show home we did; wanting to appeal to a trendier market for young professionals.

What’s the benefit of having three show apartments over one?

The benefit of having three different show apartments is that it shows the architectural differences of the development, between the lateral apartment, the duplex with the amazing atrium, and the double level apartment with the internal staircase. We think the show apartments are very exciting – they are quite diverse, which shows buyers the potential of living in these apartments! We especially loved installing the beautiful artwork and lighting to the double height atrium space for that wow factor.

What was Cocovara’s goal on this project?

Our aim was to create a sense of luxury in the heart of London. You can’t help but be influenced by the beautiful architecture and sense of calm within this mews development, despite the lively surrounding of Holborn.

Where did you get your inspiration from?

We visited the site and reacted to the environment and architecture, developing ideas that would drive the specifications for the show apartments especially. We embraced atriums that brought lighting down to the basement levels, views from penthouse suites and the natural light of the lateral apartments. This then led into concepts from how to treat the double height space, to what type of joinery, the stones for the bathrooms, lighting and style of furnishing.

Find out about Pinks Mews.

Pinks Mews Holborn - external CGI

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