Why everyone ought to know St. John’s Wood

Why everyone ought to know St. John’s Wood

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Funny to think that what was once a place where well-to-do Victorian gentleman stashed their mistresses away from their families is now Britain’s mega-mansion street, with homes getting snapped up left, right and center by affluent investors from China and India.

Tudor fronted mansion in St John's Wood, London

Over the past few months, we have made it all about our beloved Primrose Hill. But what lies on the other side of that peaceful, charming, well-trimmed slope across from Regent’s Park Road?

runner on Regent's Park CanalIntroducing St John’s Wood – a leafy district that is on the verge of blossoming with all the colours of spring. St John’s Wood offers Londoners a premium lifestyle with a side of pop culture and flair. With sunnier days on the horizon, this destination is the place to discover home-grown independent stores, art deco dining experiences and the chance to window shop for a trophy home or two.


Picture Perfect Privacy & Fancy Locals

Although virtually a hop, skip and a jump away from hectic roads of Baker Street and Oxford Street, this is not the concrete jungle we know London to be.

St Johns Wood High Street

Oxyman / St John’s Wood High Street / CC BY-SA 2.0

Take a second to picture the perfect modern family, with pristine smiles to complement their cruise collection attire, and we guarantee you their large detached home is located in St. John’s Wood, around the corner from the likes of Lily Allen and Damian Lewis.

The proximity to the famous Abbey Road Studios, the Abbey Road crossing and the Lord’s Cricket Ground is what potentially nudged them here – a prolific cultural and musical value accessorises effortlessly with a million-pound house.

Where to Eat

The Ivy St John’s Wood


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Are you a weekend early bird? Rumor has it that the eggs Benedict on the breakfast menu is simply irresistible!

This addition to the Ivy restaurant empire certainly has blended in well with the fancy high street, with no shortage of lobster or truffle on this all-day menu. And for those of you who are looking for the ideal spot to rinse away the stresses of an intense workday with your inner circle, the adorable outdoor area should be your prime choice to unwind in the sun with an aperitif.

Fora Restaurant

In the mood for something a bit more exotic?


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Praised by local residents for its outstanding service and authenticity, this is currently one of the most highly recommended restaurants on Trip Advisor in the area. This Ottoman inspired eatery offers Mediterranean and Middle Eastern classics served in a truly sophisticated setting.

For those looking to lunch before the cricket or make the perfect pit-stop after a visit to the Abbey Road Studios, we are sure a mixed meze will always go down well as a sharing platter; and grilled dishes are available at surprisingly reasonable prices.

Harry Morgan


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You only need to walk a few minutes down the high street towards Regent’s Park to find an option which is a little more laid back and let’s face it, everyone craves the comforting feel of deli-style dining from time to time.

Paying homage to the Big Apple, this local butcher has certainly come a long way since 1948, having the best chicken soup in London according to the Sunday Times and being nominated twice for the Evening Standards Restaurant Awards.

Looking for a quick bite that is guaranteed to not leave you hungry? You can never go wrong with “Harry’s Famous” Salt beef sandwich or a smoked salmon bagel.

Where to Stop



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The world’s first gym for the face?!

There is a health and beauty fanatic in every group, but we want to unveil a service so intriguing that even those who aren’t interested in cosmetics would consider trying it for themselves! Indeed, you are invited to give your face a good workout with the assistance of qualified trainers, the latest technology and performance products.

Guaranteed to add originality to any fitness regime, their slogan is “it’s not a facial, it’s a workout”. Why not give it a go? Stimulate blood circulation, collagen production and cell renewal in a non-invasive, zero-risk way.

Alfies Antique Market


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This is truly one of North London’s best-hidden treasure troves. It continues to be praised within the interior design communities of London, who frequently embark on a pilgrimage there in the search of original vintage furniture pieces and home furnishings.

The best thing about this art deco establishment is that it is much less infested with tourists than Portabella Road yet is still London’s largest indoor antique market. With many re-establishing their appetite for vintage these days, you will be absolutely spoilt for choice in this bustling marketplace with its timeless bohemian atmosphere.

Get lost in a shop floor filled with curiosities, collectibles, vintage fashion, art, textiles, ceramics, glass and silverware.

Panzer’s Delicatessen


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Every posh district of London has them! Dubbed the “Old Lady of NW8”, we introduce the foodie epicenter of North London, Panzer’s. This family-run establishment has been proudly supplying North London’s glitterati for decades.

With carefully curated delicious treats from over 80 countries, you will find plenty to peak your interests. But even if you are not there for the shopping experience, you can still mingle with the locals and international residents at the beloved coffee shop.

On the off chance that the wide range of kosher foods and exotic fruits and vegetable sections do not have what you are looking for, this ultimate grocery store is happy to order in any obscure ingredients not found on your first visit.

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