The North London Way to Showcase Emerging Art

The North London Way to Showcase Emerging Art

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Have you heard of YAP Young Artist Partnership? If you consider yourself a member of London’s fine art community, then getting better acquainted with them will definitely be worth your while!

Founded by Louisa Higgs and Annabel Seal, YAP aims to support young artists in the early stages of their careers. 

Their latest private view puts a fresh spin on the traditional role of a fine art service provider. In partnership with award-winning architects Finkernagel Ross and developers Beaubridge Capital, YAP has created a striking harmony between high-end property and contemporary art at The Elsworthy Collection. The development’s sought-after maisonette has been painstakingly designed around a carefully curated selection of works by some of the nation’s most talented emerging artists.

Painting above the stairwell in the Elsworthy Collection maisonette

And what better location could there be for this showcase than Primrose Hill, a haven for London’s A-listers and an area which, historically, has been a creative hub for some of Britain’s most prominent names in art and literature? Just North of the iconic hill so many of us can’t help but love, among the rows of charming suburban-style streets, we are about to witness one of North London’s most exciting art events, showcasing the newest noteworthy names to come out of London’s fiercely competitive contemporary art scene. 

A Heartwarming Mission

Elsworthy Collection exterior

The Elsworthy Collection – 6 luxurious properties situated across 3 buildings all within the Primrose Hill Conservation Area

YAP’s exhibition will take place in March at the launch of The Elsworthy Collection, a stunning collection of beautifully crafted luxury residential properties sitting behind an Arts and Craft Façade. 

The works being showcased have been carefully selected by YAP founders Annabel Seal and Louisa Higgs, who established the partnership because they felt that art students were leaving higher education with little guidance on what their next steps should be. YAP aims to address this need by providing a genuinely effective platform where existing artists mentor the next generation and teach them how to commercialise their practice.

The exhibition represents a fantastic opportunity for art collectors looking to invest in young talent, but its skillful curation means that a wide audience can still enjoy the fresh young art on show. The most heartwarming part of this story is that Beaubridge Capital and Finkernagel Ross were just as keen as YAP to give emerging talent a chance to show their work in such a prime location. 

Will you be joining us? Here are some artists to look out for:

Sebastian Forman

abstract painting by Sebestian Forman

Image courtesy of YAP

Forman’s work is a balance between concept and duality, often using a combination of geometric and abstract styles to achieve this. Whilst working mainly with acrylics, collage and photography, Forman is also a talented colourist, creating synergy through earthy an organic palette. 

Tilly Carter

portrait by Tilly Carter

Image courtesy of YAP

Tilly Carter’s work explores her curiosity about the relationship between mundane reality and fantasy. Through varied mediums and a playful notion of escapism, she ‘explores the shifting space between internal and external existence’. 

Maddie Hills

painting by Maddie Hills in the Elsworthy Collection maisonette

Maddie Hills’ work explores time and memory using the medium of paint and found materials to create layers that conceal and reveal existing marks. Each painting takes anywhere from a month to several years to complete.

One-Of-a-Kind Homes


The development comprises six luxurious newly built properties situated across three buildings: 18 Elsworthy Road, 20 Elsworthy Road and 15 Elsworthy Rise, all within the Primrose Hill Conservation area. The façade replicates the charming architecture of the area – being an exact copy of the remaining 1880’s terrace – whereas the interiors are contemporary, beautiful and dramatic, filled with light and space and finished to a very high specification.

Other artists showcasing their work:


  • Chica Seal
  • Fleur Simon
  • Melissa Matthews
  • Sabrina Rowan Martin
  • Lily Rigby
  • Odilia Suarez



  • Bea Forshall
  • Vivian Lawrence
  • Terry Setch
  • Amelia Sampson


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