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Residential houses in London

Why everyone ought to know St. John’s Wood

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Funny to think that what was once a place where well-to-do Victorian gentleman stashed their mistresses away from their families is now Britain’s mega-mansion street, with homes getting snapped up left, right and center by affluent investors from China and India.

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Bermondset feature image

The best places to visit in Bermondsey

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Bermondsey is booming with amazing food, great coffee and cute independent stores, making this one of the most fun and trendy places to visit in London. Here’s our guide to the best spots around the area!

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Once upon a time in Primrose Hill

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London certainly has its fair share of fancy postcodes! Just take a moment to picture Belgravia’s Eaton Square or the extravagant high streets of Kensington and Chelsea – taking a casual around there would be enough to convince anyone that the residents are not far off, if not already, solid members of the Fortune 500 list!

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The complete visitors guide to Farringdon

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Fun, fashionable and bustling with activity, Farringdon is one of few places where the lawyers and barristers of Holborn can be found rubbing shoulders with the creatives of Clerkenwell. Sadly, as vibrant as this district is, in the run-up to the holiday season it is often left overlooked by foreign and domestic tourists in favour of its well-trodden neighbours like Covent Garden and Soho.

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Art Review: Serpentine Pavilion by Junya Ishigami

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The ever-popular Serpentine Pavilion is back this summer, with Junya Ishigami bringing a ‘levitating cluster of scattered rocks’ to Hyde Park.

Established in 1970, Serpentine Gallery is a world-renowned art institution based in London’s beautiful Hyde Park. The gallery comprises the Serpentine and Sackler Galleries (the latter designed by Zaha Hadid in 2013), based on either side of their namesake the Serpentine Lake.

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Tibits vegan buffet in Bankside

A beginner’s guide to vegan London

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The past few years have seen the vegan bandwagon blossom from a niche corner of the marketplace to a full-blown global phenomenon. Of course, with its throngs of overseas adopters it can be easy to forget that the movement actually had its beginnings right here in the UK.

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The Globe: Because Everyone Needs Some Shakespeare in Their Life

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Globe Theatre and its history

One of London’s most distinguished cultural landmarks, the Globe Theatre in the heart of London’s South Bank is not only an internationally recognised tourist attraction and hub for theatre-lovers, but its presence also takes passers-by back to what was London during the time of the Bard himself, and is a reminder of the capital’s rich theatrical history.

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Millennium Bridge wide photograph

The Millennium Bridge’s Little Secrets

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London’s Millennium Bridge is just under 20 years old, yet despite its youth, the structure has firmly cemented itself as one of the most identifiable landmarks in the city. The groundbreaking structure was designed by world-renowned architects Foster and Partners, in collaboration with sculptor, Sir Anthony Caro and engineering company, Arup. The project resulted from a competition held by Southwark Council and the Royal Institute of British Architects in 1996.

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"Borough Bakery" by David-White is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The Culinary Vibrancy of Borough Market

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For decades, visitors from far and wide would flock south of the river to enjoy what is Borough Market. This food hall is so iconic that it also happens to be an eternal hotspot for the local residents, office workers and London’s Sunday brunch enthusiasts.

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Is South Bank London’s New Silicon Valley?

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London may be thousands of miles from the iconic Silicon Valley in Northern California, but our capital city continues to be one of the prime start-up centres of the world. Not only are waves of incredibly talented individuals pouring in from all over, but an estimated 2.5 billion was raised by London start-ups back in 2017, establishing the UK as the tech capital of Europe.

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View from South Bank towards River Thames and Big Ben

Why It’s All About Bankside

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Bookended by the foodie haven of Borough Market on one side and the Southbank’s lively cultural quarter on the other, Bankside enjoys an understandably popular spot south of the River Thames.

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forest with bluebells

Where to Spot Bluebells in London

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May has arrived and spring is finally in the air!

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Wine glasses

Our Five Favourite Wine Bars in London

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Put dry January behind you! Here are our top 5 wine bars in London to pass those cold February nights

You made it to the end of dry-January, congratulations! Ok, perhaps not (we won’t tell). But now it’s February and we have officially survived the longest month of the year. So, what better way to toast the end of January than with a glass of wine? In London, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to wine bars, so we’ve handpicked our favourite five for you to work your way through. These bars are wine specialists, so they focus on the good stuff – no need for fancy cocktails or craft beers here, just the honest bottle of vino – although you might expect a cameo from a cheese board or two. read more

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London’s Indoor Botanical Gardens

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It’s that time of year again as winter takes hold and the idea of venturing outdoors seems less and less appealing.

If only we could spend time surrounded by a jungle of greenery in joyous warmth without venturing out of the capital… Oh wait, we can! London is home to some of the most impressive glasshouses in the world, offering a healthy dose of clean air, greenery and balmy atmosphere.

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river thames

Take advantage of the Thames

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“The Thames was beautiful, dark, and swift beneath the billion yellow and white lights of the city…” wrote Charles Finch in his novel The Last Enchantments.

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Stamford Bridge - exterior CGI - Herzog & de Meuron - via Dezeen

Stamford Bridge is part of Chelsea’s DNA, but, where’s the bridge?

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Think of Stamford Bridge and what comes to mind? White and blue, José Mourinho, a slightly grotty stadium in what’s really Fulham more than Chelsea? Strange then we don’t often think of an actual bridge despite its name. So where does the home of Chelsea FC actually get its name from?

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Chelsea Green

Get to know Chelsea

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A bourgeois playground for our city’s reality TV stardom, a second home for London’s best football team (at the time of writing this feature!) and for the next few weeks, the topic of conversation here on Boutique London. Chelsea is the upmarket prime London neighbourhood that glistens on its own leafy, designer stage. But how did the area come to be the epitome of upper-class London and what is there to do, see and devour along its streets?

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Gordon Ramsay - plated dish

Our five favourite restaurants in Chelsea

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Once known to be the epicentre of punk-London in the 1960s, chic Chelsea today is unrecognisable but equally enticing; a hotspot for arts and café culture. Its bohemian roots planted a thriving environment for independent boutiques, cafes, galleries and restaurants. Scattered along the length of Chelsea from Lots Road to the Kings Road are some of London’s finest eateries.

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The Coral Room

Bars by the Holborn Bars

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An ancient pillar of London’s legal industry, Holborn has a rich heritage. It buzzes eternally with people moving in and out of its streets, littered with some of London’s most eccentric bars and clubs.

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Language is no Barrier – Holborn Language Schools

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The UK’s higher education institutions are brimming with overseas students. Luxury apartments located next to both prestigious London universities and well-known English language schools mean international students will never find themselves lost in translation.

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