Where to Spot Bluebells in London

Where to Spot Bluebells in London

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May has arrived and spring is finally in the air!

As well as enjoying the incredibly glorious weather we are having this year, spring in London will warmly welcome thousands of bluebells across the capital. Typically blossoming in April and May, the annual arrival of bluebells across the UK is a delight for many an eyewitness. We’ve scouted the best locations in the Big Smoke to see these beautiful flowers, and have listed them according to their geographical location, so you don’t have to travel too far to experience the carpets of cobalt. Keen Instagrammers should also take note of this growing trend before it is too late: check out @girlwiththeredbob; @sarah_heap; @maddiechester.


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Central London

Now that the Kensington Roof Gardens are closed, Central London has sadly lost one of its prime bluebell viewing spots. Not to fear though: there are plenty of alternatives which can be just as promising!

Hyde Park

Bluebells near Hyde Park Corner

Bluebells near Hyde Park Corner, taken by Phillip Halling

Being the largest open green space in Central London, Hyde Park is a guaranteed hot spot for bluebells this spring. As part of the ‘Green Fingers in the Park’ scheme, the Royal Parks of London ran sessions in 2013 where children and school groups worked alongside professional gardeners to help plant more bluebells in Hyde Park. Just over 40,000 British bluebells have been planted here since 2013, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to spot them.

Holland Park Mews in Kensington


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Just a short walk from Hyde Park, Holland Park is another haven for bluebells in Central London. Around Holland Park Mews, there is an abundance of these tiny blooms especially around the Consulate of Greece. Described as a ‘bluebell wood’, this is a great choice if you’d prefer to stay slightly out of the Zone 1 frenzy.


North London

When looking for places to see bluebells in London, North London is consistently high up on Google results. And for a good reason: Hampstead Heath and Highgate are full of them and boast some of the best views of the capital to accompany it. These were also popular places for poets and authors, so both are perfect for someone looking to enjoy the flowers in a cultural hotspot.

Hampstead Heath

forest with bluebells

At 320 hectares, Hampstead Heath is over twice the size of Hyde Park and is also a Londoner’s top choice for bluebell spotting! Having trouble finding them? We recommend exploring the wooded areas, including Lime Avenue Bank.

Highgate Wood

close up of a bluebell

A stone’s throw from Hampstead Heath, Highgate Wood does not only provide outstanding scenery, but elegant carpets of bluebells. Traveling all the way to North London? We recommend visiting both parks in the same day, due to their proximity.


South London

When looking for good places to see bluebells in South London, there is an abundance of information about sites in Surrey or even Kent. If you’d prefer to stay within the M25, then Oxleas Wood is your best bet.

Oxleas Wood

Bluebells in a forest

Located near Eltham in South-East London, Oxleas Wood is well known for its bluebell population during April onwards. There are also ample opportunities for walks through a few wildlife filled areas whilst you’re exploring.

East London

It may seem surprising at first, but East London is also considered a haven for bluebells, especially the further you venture out. This is great news for those living in the trendy districts of East End and hoping to additionally indulge in cold brews at the independent coffee shops, street art murals, thrift markets and vintage stores.

Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park (Bow Cemetery)


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A cemetery may not seem like the most desirable place to see bluebells, but if you’re in the Bow area, Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park is absolutely full of them. As the only park in Tower Hamlets, this is the best place to see bluebells if you are in Zones 1-2 in the East End.

Wanstead Park

Bluebells in Chalet Wood Wanstead Park

View of bluebells in Chalet Wood Wanstead Park

For those of you living further out, Wanstead Park is a must-see for bluebells. Located in Redbridge just over 20 minutes from Liverpool Street station, you can find these delightful flowers everywhere from the open spaces to the beautiful woodland areas.


West London

Of course, we saved the top region for last! Arguably the best region for spotting bluebells in London! There are so many great places for seeing bluebells in West London that we had to compile a condensed list for you of only the top recommendations.

Osterley Park

Bluebells, Osterley Park © Julian Osley

Bluebells, Osterley Park © Julian Osley

Originally set in a country estate, the park here is full of the tiny blue flowers and there are usually guided tours available of the places to see bluebells. A great idea for families or social groups.

Kew Gardens

Queen Charlottes Cottage, Kew Gardens by Christine Matthews

Queen Charlotte’s Cottage, Kew Gardens, © Christine Matthews

Kew Gardens will always be one of the best places to see flora of any kind in London. But it happens to also be home to a blooming bluebell population, so if you’re happy to pay the £15 entry fee, visit this famous London landmark. There is also an exhibition of glass work on at Kew Gardens, if you visit now. For more information, follow the link here.

Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park

Isabella Plantation Richmond Park

Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park

Not far from Kew Gardens, Richmond Park is home to the Isabella Plantation. A 40-acre woodland garden, so if you are a bit behind on the bluebell hunting schedule, they grow here from late April. The nearest tube is Richmond, a 20-minute walk away, but there are also car parks nearer to the park. Richmond Park is also a prime deer spotting location, providing ample opportunity to jazz up your Instagram photos.

Ruislip Woods


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Heading into suburbia, there are sections of Ruislip Woods which are covered with bluebells. If you want to find the best place, previous visitors have recommended entering the woods via the entrance at the junction of Sherwood Avenue and Broadwood Avenue.

Have you got a favourite place to see bluebells in London? If so, please share your recommendations in the comments below.

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