Wellbeing in the time of COVID-19

Wellbeing in the time of COVID-19

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During these unprecedented times, it is more important than ever to prioritise your wellbeing. Whilst the coronavirus forces us to stay at home, a healthy diet, plenty of exercise and staying connected with friends and family all play a key role in maintaining peak physical and mental health. From taking part in online yoga tutorials videos to hosting a virtual cocktail hour, here are our tips for achieving optimum wellbeing in the time of COVID-19.



Eating a healthy and balanced diet is key to maintaining wellbeing but amid the panic buying and stockpiling, food shopping can prove difficult.

Jamie Oliver has compiled a number of healthy and simple recipes that can be prepared using store cupboard essentials, so you can enjoy a balanced diet even without an abundance of fresh ingredients.

Learning a new skill can help to boost mental wellbeing. Renowned chef and restauranteur, Gizzie Erksine, has hosted a number of live cookalongs on her Instagram page, with fun and delicious recipes, so that followers can expand their culinary repertoire whilst in isolation.



Scientific data shows that exercise plays an important role in mental, as well as physical health. Whilst people are confined to their homes, there are a number of online resources to help them move their bodies and reap the benefits exercise can offer, which include lower anxiety levels, a dose of endorphins and a boosted immune system.

Whilst London fitness firm Psycle may have closed the doors to its spin studios, you can still stay fit with a number of its dynamic workouts including HIIT sessions and strength meets barre sequences. Visit the Psycle London Instagram to keep an eye on the schedule:

For those who prefer low impact exercise, try yoga. Adriene Mishler’s hugely popular YouTube series, Yoga with Adriene, has over 6.2. million subscribers. Use your time at home to improve your strength and flexibility with her easy-to-follow videos.



The mental health charity, Mind, lists connecting with others in its top five tips to improve wellbeing. During difficult times, we rely on our friends and family for support more than ever. It is important that we follow the advice of Public Health England and practice social distancing, but we can still connect with our loved ones virtually.

Whilst pubs and bars are closed, socialising doesn’t have to stop. Host a cocktail hour with friends via the Houseparty app, which enables video calls on mobile and desktop devices. Free to use, it can host up to 8 people, so pour yourself a drink and unwind with friends and family after a day in isolation.

During times of stress, prioritise your wellbeing. Eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, learning a new skill and connecting with family and friends, will help to boost your mood, improve your health and lower anxiety so that you can maintain optimum wellbeing, even in these uncertain times.

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