How the elite plan their fairytale experiences: In conversation with Ask Laura

How the elite plan their fairytale experiences: In conversation with Ask Laura

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Have you ever wondered where the mega-rich turn when they need a last-minute jet? Or what about the occasions when a private island holiday is needed and as soon as possible?

Many still wonder what a luxury concierge service actually does! I am sure you guessed it by now; these companies operate around the world, planning elite experiences with no expense spared! To learn more about how these experts do it, we recently met with Laura Szleper, the founder of Ask Laura, a London based luxury concierge service offering its members a world-class lifestyle.

We go above and beyond to make every project as personal, memorable and bespoke as possible; every occasion is a once in a lifetime experience”

Hi Laura! Tell us a bit more about Ask Laura

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Ask Laura is a luxury concierge company that focuses on delivering bespoke experiences to each of its members. My previous role as head of Business Development at one of the most influential concierge companies in the industry made me notice a gap in the market: Nowadays most concierge services are providing only a reactive service for their members. I decided to create my own company, focusing on pro-activity and personalization. Each of my members has different tastes and demands and I take these things into huge consideration when making their lifestyle wishes a reality.

What type of concierge services do you offer?


We offer five areas of expertise which include travel, dining, luxury goods, ticketing & events, all at the snap of your fingers. Our main focus within these sectors is the extraordinary experiences to be had based on the preferences and personal taste of our members. We go above and beyond to make every project as personal, memorable and bespoke as possible; every occasion is a once in a lifetime experience.

Describe a day in the life of a concierge executive

When it comes to a luxury concierge service, always expect the unexpected! Dealing with proactive proposals and inbound requests from our members makes each day a journey around the world. Projects range from things like wedding proposals in the Maldives where the bride-to-be experiences one of the most breathtaking dives to find her ring, to planning a unique travel itinerary in Asia including a sunrise tour of Angkor Watt with the restoration team. Every day is a fun surprise for us and in turn, we also love to surprise our members.

What has been your favourite project?

Lapland plane landingMy favourite project had to be organising a surprise birthday in Lapland. We planned a dreamy week as the member’s wife gave us the freedom to choose the destination and the activities. We got as creative as we possibly could with a live cooking experience with the Scandinavian Master Chef winner to a special birthday picnic on a frozen lake after sledding with huskies. Another activity was ice fishing, followed by a private lunch in the Ice Hotel. Definitely a unique and unforgettable experience!

What other memorable projects have you worked on in the past?

Another memorable project was organising a private lunch for a member and his family on the Great Wall of China. As this client is one of our “biggest foodies”, always looking for different culinary experiences, we thought he would certainly enjoy this experience. After collaborating with the Chinese government and working on making this happen for weeks, we succeeded in doing so and it was a one-of-a-kind opportunity which made for the most memorable afternoon.

When you’re not planning on behalf of your clients, where are your personal favourite places to go to in London?

A very exciting part of our job is to always be out and about, trying and discovering new places to recommend to our members. That’s why our favourite places in London are the places that are more authentic, stay true to themselves as well as their products. A great example would be

Coal Office in Kings Cross, which is a stylish, Middle Eastern restaurant. For the music lovers I would recommend Roundhouse, which is a small and very bespoke performance venue with cool events happening throughout the year. I also love Covent Garden’s infamous Jazz bar Ronnie Scotts because of the establishment and story behind it. Last but not least, Evelyn’s table is very cool: a former beer cellar turned into an amazing fish restaurant, that can only be accessed through the toilet!

Many thanks to Laura and the team at Ask Laura for this fascinating insight into the world of luxury concierge services, for more information visit their website here.

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