Imbuel – A New Fusion of Innovative Technology and Interior Design

Imbuel – A New Fusion of Innovative Technology and Interior Design

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The Digital Era

With the world sitting on the verge of a tech boom that could very well rival the dot-com bubble of the late 90’s, we’re certainly living in fascinating times!

Today, many among us are eager to be part of the trend. Individuals and companies willingly adopt emerging technologies to enhance their research, optimise their processes and find new ways to buy and sell their products and services. As a result, sectors across the board are experiencing an incredible transformation.


The property sector is experiencing disruption of its own too. New start-ups, and even a few well established companies have been embracing the ‘proptech’ phenomenon. In recent months, this industry game-changer has earned more than its fair share of headlines, shaking up the property world by applying digital technologies to the design, construction and management of new homes. This latest trend is creating a shift in corporate culture, providing a better customer experience and bringing a fresh sense of purpose to the foundations of something as well established as bricks and mortar.

William and Benjamin Samuels

Imbuel founders, William and Benjamin Samuels

Imbuel founders, William and Benjamin Samuels

Introducing William and Benjamin Samuels, labelled ‘the twins that epitomise luxurious London’ back in 2016, made a lasting impression on central London’s ultra-prime property market. With a successful boutique development company under their belts and over 25 years of combined industry experience, the duo are now setting their sights firmly on shaking up the interior design world. The recent launch of their new venture Imbuel, sets out to reinvent the industry using the many benefits of digital technology to actively contribute to revolutionising high-end design.

The World of Imbuel

Imbuel detailed shotThe idea behind Imbuel was born three years ago out of the desire to offer the property industry a convenient and affordable high-end interior design solution. Fast-forward to 2019 and the idea has now become reality. Launched in November, Imbuel offers ‘a slick online platform designed to simplify the design process for developers, homeowners and property professionals’.

But, as well as being a fast and cost-effective interior design tool, Imbuel is a universe worth exploring! In line with the Samuels brother’s love for modern luxury, users can enjoy an immersive experience within the opulent virtual spaces, discovering pre-designed packages that can be conveniently altered to fit the needs of any project.

Silent Benefits

Craftsman working on a piece of Imbuel furniture

All the furniture and finishes are hand made in England, which these days means so much more than just a fancy heritage trademark. Not only does this provide a Brexit proof product for domestic buyers but also gives a significant edge over other online design platforms that regularly source their products overseas. This in turn not only creates an unhealthy environmental impact, but also drastically increases the project budget due to vast costs when shipping internationally made goods to the UK.

The Vision

With technology continuing to act as a problem-solver for a wide spectrum of modern-day inconveniences, Imbuel is no exception. The platform is set to have a massive impact on property professionals who develop many units at a time, or investors and homeowners requiring a speedy turnaround.

Since a very successful launch event at the prestigious Bluebird Chelsea, William and Benjamin Samuel retain their ambitious spirit, yet their main priorities lie within the design packages. The coming year will witness the unveiling of many more collections, following on from the initial London and New York series. They hope to deliver the height of sophistication in interior design whilst staying ahead of trends.

If you’d like to learn more about Imbuel, visit their website here:

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