Three Reasons to Visit Tate in 2020

Three Reasons to Visit Tate in 2020

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Tate Modern, London’s museum of the present, has put together another great set of exhibitions this year. From discovering your inner intuition in Kusama’s infinity rooms to showing the purest, rawest form of human movement, Tate continues to keep us on our toes, encouraging us to stay curious beings and explore!

This year, Tate Modern is offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to see some incredible works that haven’t yet been exposed to the eyes of the UK public. Breathtaking installations of Yayoi Kusama have made a name for themselves thanks to never-ending waves of Instagram posts. Now it’s our turn to take a stand in these mysterious immersive chambers – you won’t need any filters for this one!

Yayoi Kusama – Mirror on the Wall

11 May 2020 – 9 May 2021

Infinity Room installation in Singapore, by Yayoi Kusama

Infinity Room installation in Singapore, by Yayoi Kusama

Who wouldn’t want to see the creations of a legend of modern-day pop culture?

This contemporary Japanese artist (a remarkable woman, recognised by her iconic red bob) produces her works using repetitive dots, lights and mirrors. Her philosophy of the universe has trickled deep into her art, resulting in two remarkable installations already admired by many around the globe.

Infinity Mirrored Room is one of her largest installations, shown together with Chandelier of Grief where crystal chandeliers will alternate and give her representation of the universe, a place of no end!

The infinite reflections, mirrored illusions, light and shadows are a remarkable coping mechanism for her own thoughts, struggles and hallucinations. A truly moving experience, especially relatable to those in the world coping with obsessive thoughts and anxiety.


BMW Tate Live Exhibition – Nature of Body

20 – 29 Mar 2020

Respective works of Faustin Linyekula, Okwui Okpokwasili and Tanya Lukin will be shortly unveiled to Tate’s hungry culture connoisseurs. The synergy of movements, rhythmic flow and passion for dynamics are some of the common traits of each. Through diverse techniques, their dance is guaranteed to be visually compelling, sparking up deeper thoughts and emotions.

Prepare for a journey through sound, dance and stories, as each of these artists has one to tell with their bodies. Relive their childhood memories and life experiences or simply enjoy their skillful movement.

Andy Warhol – Fine pop of art

12 Mar – 6 Sep 2020

Andy Warhol Mao Tse-Tung Paintings At Albertina Museum In ViennaThe extraordinary work of pop art superstar Andy Warhol is well known to many of us, whether we realize that or not! His creations of consumerism, celebrity illustrations and transformative imagery at its finest, sing a retrospective ode to Andy and the work he has put into molding pop art culture.

For those of you only just starting your journey into the intriguing universe that is modern art, Andy Warhol is a perfect place to start! As the forecast this March still looks very grey, we suggest you seek shelter within Warhol’s playful and bold pallets, which will surely bring some light to your Saturdays.

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