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Residential houses in London

Why everyone ought to know St. John’s Wood

1920 1280 Boutique London

Funny to think that what was once a place where well-to-do Victorian gentleman stashed their mistresses away from their families is now Britain’s mega-mansion street, with homes getting snapped up left, right and center by affluent investors from China and India.

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Soane Museum

The Soane Museum: Untouched Since 1837?

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How many of us would go as far as to negotiate an Act of Parliament to preserve our home exactly as it is after we die?

Most likely many of us would not! However, one celebrated British architect did just that, giving London’s cultural connoisseurs another excuse to flock to Holborn that doesn’t involve the usual afternoon at the British Museum.

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Once upon a time in Primrose Hill

2160 1973 Boutique London

London certainly has its fair share of fancy postcodes! Just take a moment to picture Belgravia’s Eaton Square or the extravagant high streets of Kensington and Chelsea – taking a casual around there would be enough to convince anyone that the residents are not far off, if not already, solid members of the Fortune 500 list!

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START Art Fair: An introduction to art collecting

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A Different Kind Of Fair

Those of you still reminiscing over summer probably haven’t even noticed that London’s exhibition season is ON! The Frieze, The Other Art Fair, LAPADA, PAD; the city is practically buzzing with art fairs, leaving Londoner’s spoilt for choice of things to do and more than satisfying the average art lover’s appetite.

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Celebrating the launch of Tower West’s new show apartments

2160 1442 Boutique London

On September 19th, Boutique London came together with Chelsea Waterfront to open Tower West to an exclusive guestlist of HNW investors, property professionals and social media influencers. Each guest took to the building’s brand-new show apartments eager for a glimpse at the stunning lifestyle on offer.

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Our Thoughts: Tim Walker, Wonderful Things

1440 635 Boutique London

Fashion Week graced London with its presence last week, and its extravagant spirit lives on at one of Chelsea’s most prestigious cultural institutions.

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Why Brexit is bringing in overseas investors

2160 1442 Boutique London

Money expert Martin Lewis once said, “the only certainty is uncertainty”. This is certainly the case for UK nationals. In November, the Bank of England published a rather unsettling report of the worst-case scenario, stating that a no-deal Brexit could lead to a shrinking economy, falling house prices, unemployment doubling and inflation rising. However, there is a silver lining for London property.

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The rich & famous residents of Chelsea

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With 55 different billionaires and a total net worth of $226 billion, London is one of the world’s most popular choices for ultra-wealthy city-dwellers. And of course, nowhere else in the capital is a more fitting playground for them than Chelsea. As London’s wealthiest borough, its residents are next door to the likes of Chelsea manager Roman Abramovich, Formula One owner Tamara Ecclestone, and Britain’s second richest man Len Blavatnik.

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Street art at the Undercroft South Bank 2017

Bankside: The street artist’s playground

2160 1298 Boutique London

Over the past decade, street art has taken the world by storm! It has certainly evolved beyond its urban predecessor graffiti, which was originally considered an act of vandalism mostly found on open-air railway tunnels and metal shutters of less privileged postcodes. Today, it has become a much more widely appreciated art form, encompassing everything from the picturesque to the witty, often while making bold and unfiltered statements about modern society. On top of being sought-after by some of the art world’s biggest establishments, it has captivated corporations looking to deploy a more creative marketing solution into the urban landscape.

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View towards the front of the Ye Olde Mitre Tavern

Midtown’s Great British Pub Hub

1920 1280 Boutique London

Defining the Great British Pub

Tune into any classic British soap opera and you’re bound to notice that the plot’s proceedings will almost always lead back to the local drinking establishment. And why would anyone be surprised? The charming old walls of these local watering holes are bound to teach you a lesson or two about life, love and your limits!

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Ransom Art Gallery Pimlico Road Belgravia

Chelsea’s Private View Culture

1500 1000 Boutique London

The Tradition of Preview Culture

Mid-Summer has finally graced London! The endless spells of glorious sunshine bring with them the joys of longer days, and with longer days comes an absolutely unmissable opportunity to get acquainted with the capital’s renowned art scene. Small galleries in Chelsea are a fantastic place to start, especially for those of you in the early stages of your art appreciation journey.

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Alfresco brunch at Elan Cafe, image courtesy of Elancafe

Insta-Friendly Café Culture in the West End

824 960 Boutique London

London’s West End never disappoints when it comes to fine dining and charming café culture, regularly hosting international socialites and the capital’s high society. However, a recent trend has cropped up on this side of town that is causing quite the stir in the culinary scene.

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Example of biophilic design

A Zero-Carbon City by 2050?

2160 1436 Boutique London

London – one lengthy history that tells a global story of innovation and resilience! There’s hardly anything this city hasn’t withstood; from invasions, to plagues, to fires, to bombings. Today, it holds the status of one of the world’s foremost economic powerhouses according to the Arcadis’ 2018 Sustainable Cities Index.

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Millennium Bridge wide photograph

The Millennium Bridge’s Little Secrets

2160 1440 Boutique London

London’s Millennium Bridge is just under 20 years old, yet despite its youth, the structure has firmly cemented itself as one of the most identifiable landmarks in the city. The groundbreaking structure was designed by world-renowned architects Foster and Partners, in collaboration with sculptor, Sir Anthony Caro and engineering company, Arup. The project resulted from a competition held by Southwark Council and the Royal Institute of British Architects in 1996.

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Triptych Bankside, exterior view of the development

Triptych: Where Creativity Inspires Life

1599 1920 Boutique London

London’s Southbank is in increasing demand for business and residential space. This trend is neither new, nor due for a slowdown anytime soon! We are delighted to have this exclusive opportunity to talk to you about one of the area’s most highly anticipated new builds – Triptych Bankside, located right in the heart of this vibrant region.

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Is South Bank London’s New Silicon Valley?

2160 1055 Boutique London

London may be thousands of miles from the iconic Silicon Valley in Northern California, but our capital city continues to be one of the prime start-up centres of the world. Not only are waves of incredibly talented individuals pouring in from all over, but an estimated 2.5 billion was raised by London start-ups back in 2017, establishing the UK as the tech capital of Europe.

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